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We truly believe that fish and chips can be the tastiest meal you will ever eat, when prepared the fishnchickn way, but we don’t think this should be at the expense of the environment, people and communities.

Excellent fish and chips don’t happen by accident, they are the result of our attention to detail, our commitment to always use the best ingredients and the 91 yrs of experience that we put into ensuring every process and decision is right for our customers, our business and the environment.

It’s important to us that you can trust us, the provenance of our food and the decisions we make on your behalf to make our delicious food.



The health of the oceans and future fish stocks is very important to us as we can only thrive as a business if the seas and oceans and fish within them continue to thrive. We only source fish from sustainable fishing sources. This is why we purchase our cod, haddock and plaice from Iceland, where four trawlers catch to our specific requirements. In Iceland it is illegal to discard any by-catch and a strict quota system is run by scientists to ensure the continued health of fish stocks for generations to come.



We believe that a well looked after chicken is a healthier and thus tastier chicken. For this reason- we only use grade A barn-reared Norfolk chickens which fully comply with the independently assessed Red Tractor Farm Assurance criteria. Red Tractor assures the welfare and conditions of the birds and guarantees a good standard of life. All of our chicken, from our 100% breast meat nuggets to our succulent rotisserie chicken; and our Southern Fried Chicken that is coated in our family recipe of herbs and spices is freshly cooked in store every day.


We care about the environment we live in therefore want to make sure that as a company we are finding new, innovative ways to reduce our impact on the world we live in. All of our packaging is in the process of being made of recycled material and or biodegradable, and we are committed recyclers.


We take our impact on the environment very seriously and strive to reduce our carbon usage by ensuring that all waste oil is collected, recycled and converted into biodiesel. By recycling our waste oil products into bio diesel we off-set not only our own carbon output but that of our customers’ travel to our stores.

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